Project name:
New York, USA
Design period:
on drawing board
12.000 mq
Year 2014, The metropolitan cities are devastated, they have become unsuitable for leaving and the causes of this are several: air, water and noise pollution, traffic, global warming, humans antisocial behavior, hate, humanity have lost contact with nature. The financial crisis increases those phenomena and at the same time is generating others, even more dangerous to our health. If global emissions are not significantly reduced, London, Rome, Paris, New York, Athens, Madrid, Tokyo, Beijing, San Francisco, Moscow..etc. will be facing a ‘radically different climate’ by 2050…Therefore, in the effort of building a sustainable future we need to form our communities as much ecofriendly as possible in combination with the direct contribution of humans… The human body is one big energy (production) machine. It generates heat—thermal energy, and also produces vibrations when we move—kinetic energy. Both these forms of energy can be converted into electricity. Moreover, in our daily activities (exercise, training, running, walking, dancing, playing) we can use equipment that is also able to generate electricity. More specifically, the habitant that will enter that power energy unit floor, will wear a custom that captures his body energy and transfers it to the tower.That is to say, we can turn the human body into a power station by creating a building whose habitants will produce with their own bodies the electricity needed to charge their apartments. In conclusion, if people are willingly to leave into a friendly environment in which they will be socialized and united under one goal, which is to contribute towards the environment, they will certainly gain a better quality of life, they will be healthier, happier, and feeling interconnected with the tower, the forest and eventually the whole planet.

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